Photovoltaics (PV) Systems

What are Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy that uses solar radiation to produce electricity. It is based on the photoelectric effect, by which certain materials are able to absorb photons (light particles) and release electrons, generating an electric current.

Newly built dwellings in the UK must now gain a ‘pass’ on their SAP calculations in order to meet current building regulations. SAP stands for ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ and is the only official, government approved system for assessing the energy rating of a new home. Without it, building control will not sign off the development and the property cannot be let or marketed for sale. Photovoltaics can significantly improve energy ratings.

Benefits of Photovoltaics
Solar panel

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Flat roofs constructions, including the deck, are subject to external fire spread. When a flat roof construction is tested for its external fire performance (penetration through the roof construction and surface spread of flame), it is classified within the European system as highest BRoof(t4) through to lowest FROOF(t4).

Not all flat roofs can be classified, such as existing roofs. Some do not need to be classified due to their inherent ability to stop external fire spread, such as gravel and paving slab finished inverted roofs and protected roofs, so use is unrestricted.

With tested roofs however, Siltec are proud to have an extensive range of tested systems that can provide the highest BROOF(t4) performance classification for potentially hundreds of flat roof permutations that include single ply, liquid, hot melt, and bituminous waterproofing. This provides our clients with a full range of solutions whilst still complying with HM Government Building Regulations.